Setlist (all songs composed and arranged by RED)



  • Beautiful Sunday
  • Come on be brave
  • Free
  • Let's call it a day
  • What you're gonna do
  • Sitting in the outside
  • (Our love is like a) Boomerang
  • I'm too proud to come to your party
  • Love at first sight
  • Watching from far
  • Simplicity (is the only word I know)
  • Bad world
  • There you see the people
  • We see that it's true
  • Come to me
  • Hunter's heart
  • Care about me
  • Who I am
  • Train to Bagdad
  • No time to lose
  • Hope
  • Somewhere in the back of beyond
  • Sailors' dues
  • I remember
  • Tightrope
  • Afraid of the dark
  • Outgrow yourself
  • Behind the shutters



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